Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miranda July

i found these from Neil Gaiman.

she wrote a book, this is the website:
No one belongs here more than you

i'd first gotten to know her through her movie. It is called
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Gnapppo had told me it had good music (he was right).
all the staff at WGD loved it when we saw it last year.
we really really did.

she has other websites too.
this one is a project about people missing people.
How will I know her?
(the webmaster also misses people)

she has a main website.
This is her website.
there are many other nice things on it.

(David Byrne gives consent)

She will be reading parts of her book in Milan on June 11th.
i'm afraid i won't be able to go because i have important stuff to do here on the tenth.

(p.s. dear mister blogspot, your services haven't been working so well on firefox lately especially when i try to use the preview function. It doesn't bother me really and i shouldn't complain because i'm not being a very good blogger lately but perhaps other people who are more consistent may be getting bothered by this but are still too shy to say anything about it, not on the internet at least, so see if you can di something about it)

(p.p.s. i also would have linked to something on mentioning Gnapppo's name but he does not seem to have any of those wonderful blogs of his anymore, and i didn't feel like uploading those pictures of him struggling with a Rubik's cube outside Pieffe again. He's not online right now so i had no way of asking him about this.)