Saturday, May 19, 2007

Old and familiar faces 3 - Mitko

Location: somewhere between Duino and Turin (or vice versa).
Time: sometime between 1am Tuesday morning and 6pm Wednesday evening.

Him: Now I understand why you don't update your blog so often. Every time you try to do it some wierd bulgarian shows up and kidnaps you away in his car.
Me: It's funny because it's true.

Later, or earlier that night/morning/evening. Oh whatever, SUMMER.

Me: I really needed this, i haven't had a road trip in ages.
Him: When was the last time?
Me: On my birthday, a friend of mine was playing with his band in some place 5 hours away from home, and the night before we just decided to surprise them, filled two cars up with people and drinks and drove over.
Him: That's strange.
Me: Not really...
Him: No, i mean it's strange i don't remember you writing about it on your blog.

(Actually, the second conversation might have occurred immediately before the first one. My memory, as always, is not in any way helpful in reconstructing the events.)