Saturday, June 26, 2004


Oh, look! i actually clicked on "create new post"! I'm actually typing stuff into this little window! Now, those are things i hadn't seen happening in quite a while.
Now, to justify my one week absence(or, in other words, "what i did last week instead of studying")...well, i have no idea. Not that i don't remember what happened in the past week, that hasn't happened in quite a while. It's just that nothing spectacular has happened. And when it has, i haven't felt like writing about it. Ok, so some cool things have happened, but nothing life-changing.

I've been paid, for a start (hope nobody i owe money to reads this). It's strange to be employed by honest regularly-paying people for once, i'm not the slightest bit used to it. Especially if you consider that my other employer behaved like a total ass the other day because Pino hadn't found a place to park and had to block the way up to fore for a half-hour, screaming at him in public and totally ignoring me(which i don't have a problem about, since i'd been doing the same to him for a few months already). The same employer who once made a death threat to a family member of mine, which would not be unusual if it wasn't for the fact that the family member in question was our cat. (as i carefully omitted commenting on here, it was something too incredible to think about at the time). The same employer who i strongly suspect will no longer employing me next year just because we so often get on his nerves. Ah, but after all, he's the boss. He knows what's the right thing to do.
(Please note: i didn't mention any names. And i have several employers. All of this could apply to anybody. And i don't think it'll show up on google this time) (grin)

Was hijacked to Gorizia the other day, taken out to eat one of the most amazingly good Lubjanskas i'd ever had. Was in good company, too. And at the restaurant they even served my favourite home-brewed beer. Despite having to go to work the following morning, we all ended up in Gorizia Castle, dancing around at some student party. Eventually only got a couple hours' sleep, but managed to be quite productive at the office nonetheless.

My so-called brother who was visiting last week has finally gone back home. I was polite enough not to talk to him completely, apart from a couple of very brief small-talk sessions just to make my mother happy. Where i did have to bite my tongue every now and then, anyway. At one point he told me he would like to work in Chile. I was this close to suggesting a job selling babies in the black market, but then i remembered he has two daughters so it wouldn't have been very tactful.
And as i usually do with religious freaks, i kept quoting Yoda pretending it was confucius. They always fall for that. (Mental note: add Pai Mei to faux religious quote repertoire.)

Oh, and the day before he left a large amount of relatives came to visit, sensing it was a good moment. Oh yes, the moment my brother leaves is always one of the happiest in this household. (The little girls are nice though. Hope they're big enough to travel on their own soon, so they can leave the fat guy at home)

So at the moment this place is thriving with chileans, but they'll also be leaving in a while. And next week my parents leave, too. And ten minutes later, the party begins.

So what else have i been doing over the week? Well, as a matter of fact, a good 90% of my non-sleeping, non-office time has been taken up by reading the full archives of this fantastic webcomic. But that's something i'll devote another post to, this one's gone on too long. And to think that i just wanted to write "i'm still alive" and click on Publish Post...