Thursday, June 10, 2004

Comics, blogs, demonstrations, music for broken hearts.

Just some little links, which i've already pointed out a fair amount of times but are nonetheless rather worthwile.

The first is to the latest Copper comic by Kazu Kibuishi. As of writing, he's switching most of his comics to another server, which is my excuse to link to this page today. And not just the fact that it's beautiful, and that more than one of my readers will relate to it rather strongly.

The next is to Drew Weing's homepage, which is interesting not only because of the new installment of his stunning comic Little Trees, not only because he finally decided to turn his main page into a blog which is regularly updated, but also for the large amount of photos of the anti-g8 demonstrations in Savannah, Georgia he's been posting these days. It's interesting to see an eyewitness point of view of what's going on, especially from someone i've read all the comics of(you can do it too, simply by clicking around his site.)

I know these are both pages i've linked to quite often, but today i thought they were more deserving of commentary than usual. And let's not forget that both artists are an immense source of inspiration for little ol'me.

Sidenote: evaristo is currently exploring the music of the eclectic brazilian singer, composer and instrumentalist known only as Joyce. Clicking here you can read what she has to say about herself.