Tuesday, June 15, 2004


ok, haven't blogged in some days (but the comments boxes finally seem to be livening up), so i'll just insert some random thoughts. Don't complain, you don't have to pay for it.

-I'm listening to Jane Birkin's duet with Caetano Veloso on his song O Leaozinho. Must admit i expected better. The finger snaps are particularly irritating. Not to mention the casiotone arrangement.

-Blogger published a how-to-improve-your-blog's-appearance column the other day. I was almost expecting them to link to this page for an example of how bad an old template can look, to stimulate all users to update to better ones and not look this pathethic. Well, maybe they should've.

-Went to pick a forgotten sibling and two of his offspring at venice airport on sunday. Coincidentally, at the same time HotPoop was linking to the Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator. How appropriate.

-Terry Gilliam's new movie i'm looking so forward to, The Brothers Grimm, has apparently been further pushed back to a february, 2005 release. So sad.

-Have been obsessively downloading and watching Pizzicato Five(R.I.P.)'s videos from the nineties. It always shocks me how they can manage not to be the slightest bit kitsch by maintaining a strong self-irony in their clever retro stylings. Whatever that may mean. Oh, and i'm also developing a crush on their lead singer, Maki Nomiya. But that was inevitable, i guess.

-Pelo had a definitely absurd close encounter with the italian police force on election day. You can read about it here. Or here if you speak babelfinglish.

-My brother just came in making me lose my train of thought.

-Think i'll just go back to reading about why Anselm Kiefer doesn't consider Joseph Beuys a romantic. (By the way, Cat And Girl will be five years old next week! Huzzah!)

-Will post again as soon as i remember whatever else it was i wanted to write.