Wednesday, June 09, 2004

True stories

Outside the bar, an unexpected topic came up.
"Oh, i saw your blog today. Nice pictures."
"How did you find it?" i immediately inquired. Not worried, just curious.
"I can't tell you", she replied.
"Oh...well, how did you like it?"
"Actually, i only looked at the pictures. Couldn't be bothered to read through it."
And then she added:
"The thing is, i've always thought that people who have blogs are just egomaniacs who write about themselves on the internet..."
I was amused to notice she made no effort whatsoever to point out any differences i may have from such a description.
"But when i get home next month, i'll build my own blog and it'll be extra-cool!" She finally concluded.

She's been home for some time already, but i still have no news of that last thing happening. If you're reading this, C, hurry the fuck up. Other friends of mine have been setting their own blogs up lately and making a definitely good job of it, too.

(The same young lady, later that same night, was overheard muttering to herself "Why, why do I always, always end up dancing with Robin???" I understood her discomfort and expressed solidarity on my own behalf.)