Saturday, September 04, 2004

Joseph Beuys, Evolutionäre Schwelle, 1985

Every now and then you come across a work of art that you just can't stand. Not that you dislike, but that makes you feel very, very uneasy. A bit like the effect Joanne Graham's "Seven Dogs Playing Poker" had on Homer Simpson in one of those halloween specials from yesteryear ("Those dogs are playing cards! Aaaaaaaauuugh!!!" One of the most terrifying simpsons moments ever. But i digress). In my case, such an effect was brought to me by this Joseph Beuys installation, Evolutionäre Schwelle(1985). Don't ask me why it makes me feel so strange, i haven't the slightest idea myself. Maybe it has something to do with once having to correct a manual at work that was about measuring this kind of steel plate. Mysterious.

Oh, no, wait, that's not steel. It's felt. Even worse! Waaaaugh!