Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yeah, but is it Art? what Robert Crumb is wondering at Museum Ludwig, Köln, until the 12th of September(German not completely necessary).
Back in the States, Bill Barminski appears to have some answers. Or are they just more questions?(RiccoMaresca gallery, NYC, September 9 - october 30, 2004).
Miyazaki and Moebius ignore the problem altogether and happily expose in Paris from December 1st 2004 to March 13th 2005.

And what about italy? Well, there just might be a chance of this blogger actually meeting one of the greatest cartoonists ever lived, not to mention childhood(lifetime?) idol, sometime next weekend. But i'll tell more about that as soon as i'm certain i have enough coins in my purse for such a thing to be possible. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed for me!