Saturday, September 04, 2004

More, Rabbits.

Eduardo Kac, GFP Bunny, 2000. Materials: One phluorescent bunny.

Rabbits, hares, bunnies, etc. Phluorescent, too. Fast and bulbous. Tight also. (Haven't finished reading that last article yet, so i still don't have a clear opinion about it. But i tend to disagree. Updates pending.)

What, is this blog becoming an artblog? That would be cool! But i don't think we'll get that lucky. I'll probably start posting about boring stuff(i.e. my life, duino, etc) again one of these days. And i hope my cat starts blogging again soon, too.

(Please note: not only is this rabbit phluorescent, it is also clickable. And cuddly, of course. Follow the green rabbit.)