Thursday, September 09, 2004

My posts have been making me look too clever lately, so here's what happened in the last ten minutes...

So i was lying in bed reading the book i bought today. A thought crosses my mind, as i stroked my cat. Cats feed on mice. And mice feed on dead people. Therefore, cats are higher up on the food chain than us.
But that wasn't what shocked me. After all, i called it quits on the food chain about a year ago.
What shocked me was about dogs.
What do dogs eat? Hint: dogs are domesticated.
Dogs eat dogfood.
Dogfood is manufactured by humans.
Dogs left independently wouldn't know what to eat.

Therefore, if humanity became extinct, dogs would just starve away while cats would rule the earth, thanks to their preserved independence and to a coincidental surplus of plump well-fed mice.

I had always considered the possible extinction of humanity to be a good thing, but now i realize that if it happened, dogs would go down the drain too. And as much as i love cats, some of them being my best friends, roommates, accomplices and occasional colleagues in work and study, the extinction of dogs would just not be fair. They're just unfortunate, not evil or anything.

All of these conclusions made me terribly sad.
So i went to the kitchen and got myself some ice cream.

The phone rings.
Them: "Aren't you coming out tonight?"
Me: "I was going to, but then i started thinking about dogs and found ice cream in my freezer.
Them: "..."