Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I would like to announce that i am abdicating my place at the top of the food chain. To be precise, i'm abandoning the food chain altogether.
I'm quitting eating. Of course i can still occasionally indulge in it during social events, as i have done recently, or at home once or twice a week so as not to worry my parents too much, but that's about it. And no, of course i'm not becoming vegetarian. I have nothing against vegetarians, but i firmly believe that if you decide to be a carbon-based organism, you are a carbon-based organism all the way, so you have no excuses for ceasing to be an omnivore, if that's what category you fall into.
Myself, i'm just not eating anymore. Most fruit just gets my mouth all irritated. Pork has given me problems ever since i returned from my two-week stay in iran, some five years ago. In many occasions it has seemed to me as no more than sweaty pieces of a pig. Other kinds of meat i may appreciate, poultry in particular, but always in limited quantities. Lettuce is ok, but eventually boring.

As a matter of fact, i can't remember the last time i've actually been hungry. Last time i had some appetite was last night, after a good conversation. But it was the first time in weeks, and i don't expect anything like that to happen again soon. I was reading yesterday that nowadays we don't need to have children as much as we once did, since we don't have to grow crops or keep warm in the winter anymore. That's why most first world industrial societies have zero growth. I suppose the reason i'm never hungry is similar. We're wealthy, therefore we no longer need to hunt for a plate of sausage&chips. Therefore we no longer eat.

At least i'm admitting it.

On another note, i've started to pick up the drawing book again, over the last weekend i've completed two or three strip storyboards(one of which covers the above topic rather well, for its medium) and drawn a rather satisfactory full page, which i'll eventually be redoing, scanning, touching up and putting online. Not so soon of course, i first have to learn to draw a bit better. So now i'm going out to sketch a bit, and see if i can design the odd new character.

Other news. As soon as the weather gets a bit better, i'm starting a new series of inhabited territory interventions, a bit like the ones i had started doing before moving out of udine, but also quite different. It all depends if i feel comfortable with the results this time.
Oh, and i've decided that my next exam will be Latin. If i have to die, be it in the most gory, violent, splatter-y, agonic of carnages. With my sincerest apologies to the english language.