Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Yes, i am still alive.
I keep getting messages asking me that.
Sheesh. You don't update a blog in 36 hours and people already think you're O.D.'ed.
I'm fine. Been busy.
Studying, yes. Also socializing. Also trying to set up a new blog i'll feel at liberty to talk about in a few days, but it's gonna be cool.
Oh, and my project is doing great. I'll also explain that later, when i'll have developed the sample pictures i took. Territorial intervention.

Had an entertaining night yesterday, some fifteen of us met on Dimitri's balcony to enjoy the Lasko Pivo&cevapcici he'd brought from his weekend home stay. Fred supplied the barbecue and the polish beer. Marcelo and i washed up afterwards.

Well, my connection just broke down. So i'll have to interrupt.