Sunday, September 21, 2003

Ok, cool, that worked.
Coming soon, truckloads of pictures of my cat.

Anyway, important news: the full lineup for trieste Barcolana festival is out!
here's the easy teenage version:

Thursday, 9 October, Alpe Adria Night

Marco Anzovino(pordenone)
The Elevators(Slovenia)
Le Vibrazioni(Milano)

Friday, 10 October

The Hormonauts(Italy/Scotland)
Africa Unite(Torino)

Saturday, 11 October

Northern Lights Sound System
Claudio Coccoluto
Planet Funk

All concerts begin at 20:30, Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, Trieste.
Free entry. Not-so-cheap beer(bring your own). Galatine will be served to all who find me.

Official info here.

I'll be there from the early afternoon of the tenth(none of the first day's artists interest me in the slightest), and probably also for the first couple of bands on saturday. If neffa sucks, i'm going off to have fun elsewhere.

Of course, i'd already known about that elusive Eelst gig last week. How come? Well, i went to see them live. again. Wasn't at all bad. Saw them only briefly afterwards, just to say hello and then popped back over to duino. Cesareo was in trieste in the past few days(no, i didn't see him) to mix, edit and supervise the video recordings they'd made of the first two gigs this year, and of the ten-day preparation they'd had in a warehouse in Pordenone. It's currently unknown if those recordings will surface as a TV special, a DVD or what. But i've been to those first two gigs, and can assure that a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Hoping they're luckier this time, they're first DVD is still in re-release limbo.

Speaking of splendid times, i had an extremely memorable night yesterday, surely one of the best i've had in quite a while, in Lignano with Pino, Filippo Cerqua and his girlfriend Alice. Those last two i had bumped into completely by chance in the late evening, after not having seen them in something like four years! i love it when these things happened.
We drove to a place called Il Panino, where we were served one of the best beers i've *ever* tasted, not to mention a massive panino, which by default also included fries and a ton of pink sauce. Great company, good music(rather unobtrusive quality '70s disco first, usually EWF, classic Blues afterwards. Muddy Waters etc.), amazing beer, surprising food...all in all a perfect night. Did a great job of keeping my mind away from its troubles.
Afterwards, when the others had returned to their respective abodes, temporary or otherwise, hung around with Dmtr, Samir and Heather until around five. Had pasta, played with bandages, set stuff on fire. As usual. The others lasted a good three hours more than me. Crazy buggers.

Ok, that's all. Visiting that Galatine site is making me dizzy.