Wednesday, September 10, 2003

That was good. Now.

First things first. My out-of-the-closet admittal of nothingarianism the other day is already showing itself useful: one gin tonic and i'm already tipsy. A small beer would be enough to throw me to the floor. So like this i also save on my alcohol input.

Next: tomorrow at this place they're gonna be having an exposition of chilean mural art from the UP period(1971/73), lectures, readings of poems by Neruda and, this saturday at 21:00, a concert by my occasional acquaintance Alberto Chicayban, who published a beautiful tribute to Victor Jara some years ago.
During all of these events(from tomorrow 'til tuesday) Empanadas will be served. Recipe provided by My Father, who was supposed to cook them at first, but eventually got too busy writing those books of his.
(pino: this is what i was trying to email you about)

And furthermore: still in Trieste, this tuesday, El Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto are playing at the Teatro Miela. Just can't miss it!

And finally...
So last night i went to bed early, deciding nothing special was going to happen. Then early this morning i left for udine, conducted some of my business there, and came back around three o'clock of the evening.
In the meantime all hell broke loose in Duino.
But i'll tell more about that later.