Thursday, September 04, 2003

Just found a seed in my seedless grapes. I'm sure there's a punchline for that somewhere.

So it seems that for the past week/ten days the current residence tutors of Pala A(which is where we've been kicked out for after living there for over 20 years, for those of you not keeping count) have been going to see the headmaster(also known as Mona, for those of you who...ah, whatever)complaining about a DANGEROUS CAT who had been TERRORIZING THEIR CHILDREN and LITTERING EXCREMENT AROUND THE PREMISES. Now, with all due respect to our cat, we must all admit that he is no more dangerous than a clothes peg. When we went to take him away earlier today(more about that later), their daughter was begging us to leave him there with her. But most of all, my cat is house trained. I trained him myself. If the administration says my cat doesn't know how to use the toilet, it's assuming i don't know how to use the toilet. And if they assume i don't know how to use the toilet, they're assuming my parents don't know how to either(i know nothing about my grandparents, let's leave them out of this). So by saying this about my cat, they're automatically insulting me, my cat, my parents and my toilet.
Oh, they'll learn i know how to use the toilet. I could even demonstrate if they like.


Well, we went to pick the cat up of course.


What happened is that we actually succeeded. sort of. While my mom kept the engine warm, i picked the cat up and after much fighting got him into the car. In few seconds of carnage we made it to the new house, and i emerged clothesripped and bloodstained but still retaining a firm hold on the cat. We got him through the house door shortly before i collapsed into an unsightly bloodsplattered heap, since he happened to have hit a couple arteries in the way. Ok, so he is a *little* dangerous, sometimes.
He's currently hiding under my sofa, just waiting for the second he'll become bloodthirsty again. What i call "Playing Gladio Agent".

So we finally have a cat again. About time.

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