Friday, February 06, 2004

ahem. er. oh. hee hee. Oh, whatever.

2004-02-06 19:29:55 GMT :
rimozione di
in corso

That's what Google told me ten minutes ago.
So, for ninety days or so, this blog won't be findable on google.

Why? Oh, i got a very polite phone call yesterday upon returning from Udine... And i don't mean that ironically. The call was from the same person who left this comment.

And i must say i can confirm everything in that comment. And must add that the person in question was extremely charming about the whole affair. And that my mutandine also remained clean throughout the call, even though they did get a little bit worried about their future when i was informed of how this page was found in the first place.

Ok, let's try to be clear:
The teacher mentioned here did not shit his pants. He was just worried about thirty-something college students walking into an osmizza, well knowing that the wine was bad and the roads back to duino even worse. As a matter of fact, it's a nuisance to have so many people coming along. If it's ten or so people, it's fine. You chat, you eat, you drink, you chat some more, and it's over. If it's thirty, you just drink up and have to carry people home, which isn't always very amusing. Even though the locals seem to enjoy watching us do it. But they don't enjoy having thirty people in a place which doesn't really fit them.
Was it his duty to inform anyone about this? not at all. He just did it because he was genuinely concerned. And he didn't call the headmaster, he called the teacher on duty. All that came after was luckily nothing to worry about.
People were carried home, as per usual, with almost no damage. And they all had a good laugh about it the following day.
The headmaster went to check, but found nothing. And we all had a good laugh about it the following day.
The teacher i mentioned found my site, didn't really appreciate the dissentery reference, called me up, and in the end we just had a good laugh about that, too. Although i still believe i owe the man a drink, he was just too kind about it.

The only thing that was an authentic cause of worries, as i was saying, is how this page was found in the first place.
He had googled for the headmaster's name and surname. And my blog showed up on the fourth page of results.
Which was not. good.

I checked, the page also shows up very easily when looking for "duino" and the name of the little house i used to live in.
So what i had to do was go back, remove the one time i had mentioned the HM by his full name, and then remove all else that might have been easily googleabole by the wrong people. Actually, i didn't remove anything, i just replaced stuff. Oh, and i also corrected one phrase in a post which i felt wasn't really comprehensible. Reading my old posts was such a pain, they all feel like something's wrong about them, and that was the only case in which i didn't manage to leave things how they were. But anyway.
The next step was to remove the site from google's indexes, which was just done. This means i won't be seen on google for the next ninety days or so. Not really a problem, considering the kind of referrals i had.
So no big deal. It would've been, if the person who found this hadn't been so friendly.

Ok, i think that's explained. And this post has gone on for a bit too long.

More tomorrow.