Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Foreign Sound - Caetano Veloso Update

Some news.
Over at Elektra Nonesuch's website, the tracklist to Caetano's long-awaited english-language cover album can finally be found.
Said tracklist brings some surprises.
First of all, we're treated with a whopping 22 songs. Many songs not mentioned in this post (which, let me boast about it again, was the first english-language news about the album made available online) are there, including the Talking Heads' (Nothing But) Flowers, Dylan's It's Alright Ma, which features Naçao Zumbi's Pupillo on drums, and -Hear, Hear!- a cover of DNA's song Detached. This i HAVE to hear. DNA, as you all should know, was Arto Lindsay, Ikue Mori and Tim Wright's late seventies/early eighties noise-punk trio. And the song itself only ever appeared on an obscure movie soundtrack.

Other surprises, albeit far less radical, are the inclusion of Stevie Wonder's If It's Magic and the song Jamaica Farewell, of which i'm particularly fond of Harry Belafonte's version. To the extent that i urge you all to go download it, now.

A Foreign Sound, Caetano's 35th album, will be released in march in brazil, worldwide in april.