Tuesday, February 24, 2004

gigs, here and there.

The 13th of march will be a busy day.
First of all, i will very, very probably be in Verona attending my first Eelst gig of 2004.
But more importantly, londoners will be thrilled to know that another reknowned milan-based band, intuassenza, will be playing at the 12 Bar Club, 22-23 Denmark Place London, which is just around the cornr of Denmark Street, where i bought my first harmonica oh-so-many years ago.
ok, they're not *that* famous. But i hope they will be, because one of my best friends is in the band. So guys: go there, grab the drummer as soon as their set's over, avoid the ghastly headliner, and get him utterly sloshed. Two beers and a half are usually enough. If you're lucky, he'll even throw up.

Oh, the guitarist's also a cool gay.
Guy. I meant to say "guy". Damn.