Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The SMS-bag

Have i not posted in that long?

We love your SMS's!

Lemme explain. At the beginning of this new year(2004, i think), we here at WGD had a small feature answering reader email. Today i got an sms (from the charming and talented Gnapppo, which is all rather remarkable considering he's actually just an unproportionate ant. I won't even mention what material he's allegedly made of) that reminded me of how many threads i'd left hanging over here on the blog.

Um. Would copy the text of said sms, but i seem to have accidentally erased it.
Also, would've just plain answered to it, but my credit's way down somewhere hot and full of little red guys with hooves and horns. So i'll just write a long post instead.

1. My military situation
A.k.a. The Cat Situation

That's been permanently -and temporarily- fixed.
Almost three weeks ago i applied for Civil Service. Doing this automatically removes you from Military Service lists, according to italian law. Unfortunately, it puts you in the Civil Service lists. Now i have to worry about weaseling my way out of this one, but luckily i have more time on my hands, and no longer run the risk of ending up peeling potatoes with a bayonet up my *ahem*
Oops, almost mentioned college staff there. Better be more careful.

2. My Exam

Oh, yeah, i passed. Or rather, we, the think-tank in the back left corner of the classroom, farthest from the teacher's view, passed. And i got an 18/30, the minimum for passing, which is emblematic considering it's one of the exams i've studied most for in my life. And my average is 28/30. Oh well, i'll find a way to pull that up again on the 7th of april, which is when the second half of the exam comes. Oral this time, so i'll be much more in control.

3. The Radio Program
Still temporarily(?) called Sostituire, last week's official debut (after last month's semi-fiasco) wasn't that bad at all. Some close friends even complimented me on it, and i'm really flattered for this. Unfortunately, attempts to record the program didn't quite work. But i'm looking on the bright side: it gives me an excuse to play those songs again in the next shows!
Hope to have another broadcast this week or next, i'm already rounding up a nice new playlist.

4. The carnival costume business

Large Antropomorphic Cat beats Frank Zappa 3 to 1!
Which means i have to find a way to dress up as that before saturday. Shouldn't be too hard at all.
Feel free to carry on voting, however. Shock me. Rock the vote. Change my costuming plans five minutes before the train to venice leaves.
Actually, this poll was all just an excuse for linking to Cat And Girl again...

5. My Health

Q: Hey, how are you?
A: Koff, koff.

Bit of a sore throat these days, doing my best to keep to my room so as not to contaminate other people.
On the other hand, have been drinking much less recently, as part of a promise i made. Don't ask.

Oh, and i officially became older a week or so ago. No big deal, i don't celebrate. Don't really believe in time.

And finally, why did this result not shock me in the slightest?

cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

which happy bunny are you?
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