Thursday, March 25, 2004

Beware! Hydrogen!

This Guardian article reminded me of one great prank that was performed by the Duino Video Group several years ago. They went around the village interviewing people, asking them if they were aware of the fact that the water in Duino contained SIXTYSIX PERCENT HYDROGEN! (to some, they even said "more than 50%!") Of course everybody interviewed was shocked, usually responding with something along the lines of "somebody ought to do something about it". Nobody thought of answering "isn't that how it's supposed to be?" (or if they did, it was edited out of the tape for good humour's sake).
The best reaction, however, was from a clueless Mickey Mouse Bar waitress, who puzzledly rebated: "What's Hydrogen?"

Good times. Who knows what happened to those old Duino TV tapes, hope somebody backed some copies up and took them home. I don't think they're anywhere to be found around here anymore. And of course, the video activity no longer does such great things, pure enjoyment would be considered a waste of college facilities. Bah.

PS: Reunion Weekend starts today! Yes, i know, it's a thursday. Whatever. Anyway, i may now announce that several unexpected faces will be showing up, not just the current third year generation. It's all very hush-hush, but i'm just saying this so anyone who wasn't sure whether to come or not makes his or her damn mind up.

Also, probably won't have much time to update these days, for obvious reasons. Will catch up next week, with those concert reviews i've been promising for weeks.