Thursday, March 18, 2004


The two gentlemen seen above are, left to right, Keigo Oyamada a.k.a. Cornelius and Ryuichi Sakamoto. These two have a lot in common. First of all, even though they may not know it (i'd be rather worried if they did), two of their albums have finally reached my room after a long and boring odissey, thus becoming 1/4 of my six weeks late birthday present. The other 3/4ths are unevenly distributed between a Joao Gilberto live cd, a Rossana Casale Before-she-sold-out-honest-to-god-jazz cd, and the Jacques Tati 4DVD set i've been raving about for the past weeks. Uh, for clarity's sake, the cds made it here this morning, the DVDs were already here, and have no intention of moving out.

Anyway, another thing the happy little couple above have in common is Sakamoto's upcoming new album, already released in Japan but still to grace our merry lands(another long wait - 25 may!), Chasm. Such album not only enlists the talent of Cornelius's electric guitar on several tracks, but also well-known faces like Jacques Morelenbaum, Luis Brasil, Marcelo Costa, Arto Lindsay, David Sylvian, Maucha Adnet(From Jobim's Banda Nova), Amadeo "Blonde Redhead" Pace, Little Dora Morelenbaum(she of the bright red wellieboots) and even Carlos Nuñez on tinwhistle.
Full info here.

Moral: just when i've got my 4 nice new cds, i'm already starting to crave for more. Bugger.