Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cunning Plots Are Here Again

On sunday afternoon, just back from Verona, the old lady down the road stopped me as i was going off to work 1 hour late. She pointed at the pavement, which was overflowing with unsightly swill. Seems the sewers were having their day off. I promised the dear old lady i'd tell whoever was in charge, now please let me bugger off.
The following morning i was going off to check my pidgeon-hole, and noticed even more sludge coming out, presumably waiting for small children to pass conveniently by at lunchtime. So i made a 180° turn and went off to call the college's fixit-man. He said he was aware of the sewers coming out and planning to conquer the world, and had already contacted the city council people.
Later in the afternoon i saw the council's truck come by under my window(which has a very convenient view of the sludge), drop some junk around, and poot away to the closest watering hole.
This morning i was woken up by a large truck sucking the sludge away in a manner that reminded me very much of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Very little remains of it now.

That would've been the end of the story, not much of a story but the end nonetheless. But ten minutes ago i was sitting on WGD's Throne reading sunday's paper, from which i learned that, due to the recent terrorism scare, Carabinieri are in charge of security in train stations and airports, while the military are keeping an eye on power plants, gas conducts and sewers.
"Sewers???" i said out loud in such an august environment. Immediately my mind started drawing patterns. Yes, Duino is a potential target. And there was a bank robbery just across the road last week(oh! remind me to tell you about it!). And there's an international terrorism red alert. Ok, there always is, and i've never cared about it in the slightest. And the authorities probably see me more as a potential culprit than as a potential target. But still, i thought, shouldn't it be better if somebody checked for bombs under my residence? For safety's sake.
And then my mind wandered even more. What if, of all people, the Bursar had placed a bomb 3 metres under my window? It goes boom, the college immediately gets visibility, reconstruction funds, and new schlarships. And goodbye deficit. And what would he have to lose? A medical center(people inside are sick already, not a great loss), a small residence (girl's residence, and of course women are but inferior lifeforms to such mischievous minds) and most of all a small clan of bothersome latinamericans. Uh, that's us in case you hadn't noticed.

Of course all of this resides in my imagination, and those guys haven't an ounce of the thoughtmanship necessary to plan such a dastardly deed.

But i just posted this so if i do go boom, you all know who it was.