Friday, March 05, 2004

One Week Ago In History

Last friday was the Polish Dinner at my place. The parents were away(holland or belgium, still haven't understood), the beers were fresh, the vodka was polish, the herring was smoked.
Five of us, nice small group, chatting, drinking, dancing a little, laughing a lot.
After a while we became a magnet for anybody drunk in duino. They just came in. Flows of people.
WGD Central was in turmoil.
From then on, i remember extremely little. All i know is that the following morning the house was cluttered with bongos, rubber (baby?) snakes, Perugina Baci chocolates and straw hats, and all these objects' origin has yet to be tracked down.
And even if a whole week has gone by, people are still asking me if i got better.

Good party that was.

Also, it was not only the first time i've ever had a party at my parent's place, it was even this flat's first party ever! Deserved celebration. Oh, but we probably did that, too.