Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here's one we made earlier

I must've gone completely stupid, because even though i'm busy working on my final exam i found the time to make this site, which ends up being my fourth blog. Four! The very though is a staggering testament to my irresponsibility. Luckily, this time it's not completely mine. The main idea (blatantly nicked from KillUglyRadio -hats off to Barry and his crew!) was mine, the dirty work (setup, template, neat animated gif on top) was done by Pelodia and Gnapppo will be helping along every now and then, as will others yet to be announced.

So what's it about? It's about my favourite italian band (yes A., the one i keep promising to make you a cd of), Elio e le Storie Tese. It collects any news and stuff about the band from around the web and puts it all in one comfortable place. It will also contain rantings about the band which didn't really fit in our respective personal blogs, the kind where we go on and on about completely insignificant details, technical or otherwise. Many a time i felt like posting something or other about them here, but it just didn't feel right. That, and every time i had interesting news before anybody else i would either put it here, which was useless for non-english speakers, or just keep it for myself and feel really really clever and occasionally start giggling in crowded places with a mysterious gleam in my eye.

Just in case, and since i still haven't linked them on the sidebar, here's a list of the blogs i'm currently in charge of:

Cat Walking On A Keyboard - Occasional musings from a certain oft-photographed feline
El Blog De Fidel - PoMoBlog which is a result of the axioms: a) Blogs are people writing about stuff for hours which nobody really reads, and b) Fidel Castro is a person who makes hour-long speeches which are humanly impossible to follow completely.
I Ragazzi Della Via Gluteo - The one this post is about, named after a song which has never been published and with a really neat animated gif on top.
Won't Go Down - this blog, which is something like life in its way of not really having a meaning but attempting to at least be amusing every now and then.

And let me say it one last time: That animated gif is really, really neat. I keep staring at the screen for hours waiting for it to change. Then i get distracted and have to start over.