Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Unexpected knowledge

So i was putting things together for a post yesterday afternoon when The Cat came along insisting to play. And insisting. And insisting. And insisting some more.
Until he eventually got sick of my ignoring him and in a surprising feat of coordination went and pulled the plug out of my computer.

The Cat, a couple of weeks before yesterday's accomplishments

Which is even more surprising if you consider that in order to plug my pc out, a small red button on a nailed-to-the-wall plug rack is to be pushed. So my theory is that after some fourteen years living with us the little yellow guy has finally developed opposable thumbs and of consequence we are doomed, all doomed.

Another cool thing is that when i looked under the table to punctually gawp in astonishment at what he'd just done (as he just sat there looking at me as if he'd done the most ordinary thing in the world) i noticed that at his feet was the little audio-to-audio cable i'd been looking for for the past weeks, so now i can finally convert some of my tapes into digital files. I might post a couple of results here when i finally have ftp access again.

(DSL update - long story short: our former operator and the new one are currently too busy arguing over which one of them hates us the most to actually hook us off or onto any of their lines)

Moral of the whole story: i proceeded to play with The Cat for the following half-hour. He'd just gone a step up in evolution just to prove a point, so he certainly deserved it.

At this rate he'll be going out and buying a mac (the following step in evolution) any day now.