Monday, October 17, 2005

No Title Today.

So the cold or flu or whatever it was seems to have almost completely gone away, thus allowing me to pop my head out into the wilderness again a couple of times this weekend, and even to finally(!) shave after a week of scruffyness. Because for some reason if i shave while i'm ill, i get worse. Is this just me? Or is there a little-mentioned law of thermodynamics according to which less facial hair=temperature going up? However it may be, i now tread this world without a constantly itching face and no longer looking like The Master.

Roger Delgado, a.k.a. The Master. Don't know who he is? Shame on you. Get into a timewarp and watch some seventies british tv.

(Speaking of which, i have a great story about how Roger Delgado accidentally ended up in a Beatles studio recording, but i'll keep that for another day)

The second problem, however, seems not yet to have been fixed. I'm still on a very temporary, very firewalled connection which does not allow me to upload all those picture galleries that i've been telling people to have been ready for over a week when they're all actually still in the realm of undiscarded ideas. I plan to call up my new provider today to see what's up. If at all. I'm also unable to download stuff, which is also bad because i keep reading about cool bands i should check out(last week's Alias had a two-pager on The Free Design, and i'm hurting to find some of their music online). So in the meantime i can only hotlink to other people's pictures or upload the odd one-picture-at-a-time with HelloBloggerbot.
All this gives me a great excuse for being so lazy with my blog.

Ah, i also really, really need to update the sidebar. The books and cds bit is now a year old. And i have some nice new blogs to add to the links. Blogs by people who actually know me. Unusual.