Sunday, October 02, 2005

It all depends on how you shake the packet.

Two food anecdotes. Well, "food".

1 - A Recipe

Instructions: empty two portions of Philadelphia cream cheese into a bowl, accidentally bump your elbow into a spice rack, watch in helpless despair as your nice white bowl of cheese fills with red, red paprika.
Reassure all present with the phrase "Don't Worry, I'll Think Of Something."
Mix bowl.
Later, when the guests at the tea party enquire about the contents of aforementioned bowl, just nonchalantly answer "Oh that? It's that new paprika-flavored Philadelphia cheese they've been advertising recently."
Observe its disappearance in seconds flat.

2 - Easily distracted by flashing lights and noisy objects

So this webmaster goes to the kitchen to fix himself some lunch. Feeling adventurous, he decides to try his luck on some deep-freezed ginger orange technicolored chicken cordon bleus of dubious (read: the big discount store) origin.
He pulls the box out of the freezer, and gives a snicker. He turns it around to read the approximate cooking suggestions, and laughs a little. He turns it upside down and laughs some more.
Some minutes later he could be found rolling on the floor laughing while shaking the box to and fro. When questioned, the only answer to all this mirth he could produce was "if i move the box, it makes a noise like rain."

(Aftermath: the contents turned out to be very colorful and absolutely uneatable)