Friday, November 14, 2003

Actually, Reclusive Hangover Day only lasted until about 30 mins after that last post, when i realized there was a beautiful sky and went down to porto to take some more pictures of my voodoo doll. Then went to library, despite my *bad* hangover, and tried to study. Quite surprisingly, after three hours of suffering my head cleared out and some productivity was attained. I stayed there from five to ten, not a bad time after all. Even found some great texts to add to my thesis' bibliography. Yes, i'm actually working on it. And no, i still haven't started writing it. Surprise surprise.
Went to visit some friends in Pala afterwards. While there, i discovered i'd been to old offices last night. Or maybe not. If anybody sees some brain cells carrying luggage around an air terminal, ask them. It's not my problem anymore.
Now i hope to meet my sleeping deadlines. It's almost half past two, high time to go to bed. But first, link of the day!