Monday, November 24, 2003

Hey, look! an update!

Last monday, i went to the automatic bank machine to check if i actually had any money, at all.
The machine gave me a print-out telling me i have a big fat 70€ on my account. This news caught me completely by surprise, but didn't keep me from dancing and hopping my way from the machine waving the print-out above my head, singing in ecstasy and leaving a trail of flowers behind me.
And my bank card, too.
So of course the following day i was queuing at the comic shop with my stack of long-overdue reading material, and as true cool people do, i pulled out my purse to fish out the card...which wasn't there. Oops.
So anyway, the bank informed me this morning that yes, they have my card. And yes, they're even going to give it back to me. Maybe even sometime this week. This solves *many* problems.
Even more problems would be solved if i got paid sometime. Haven't seen a paycheck since september. So on monday i told Livia, who wrote a post-it to Sandy, who then wrote a post-it to erika, and that's more or less all i know about the petit post-it avalanche moving towards me actually having money again.
Oh, but there's a catch.
Why, you may be wondering, did i only start complaining about the lack of pay now, and not earlier?
I need some favors.
Timing. Timing's important. Especially when you only have 6 days to apply for an internship.