Friday, November 07, 2003

Another quick one.

Still in rome.
Changed host: Moved from Giggi's place to the amazing apartment of Susan and Mohammed, two ex-UWCADers who live and work here.

Opening ceremony yesterday. Saw lots of friendly faces i'd been missing for quite some time, got lots of hugs from long-lost friends, indulged in free buffet, got sloshed on a boat-disco on the Tiber surrounded by students and ex-students, at a party i crashed into. Then, just when things were starting to get good with the ladies, got dragged out by my friends and ended up in a moroccan restaurant, smoking Narghile.

Extremely cool.

That was the highlight of this week, i think. Actually, i've had several very good moments. Strange to think tomorrow's the last day.

Going to see the Dadaists in Parco Della Musica, and doing my final shopping around for cds.

Will write more as soon as time is in my hands again. Probably monday.
Meanwhile, a big hug to all eastern-europeans who have started to visit this page in the past week. Miss you. You know who you are, moja sestra.
(yep, too busy to write but still insanely curious about Sitemeter's statistics. And who's that visiting from Singapore, eh?)