Thursday, November 20, 2003

Coupling my socks...

Why do i step on so much scotch tape all the time? Ah, but i digress...

Haven't updated with anything personal recently, and i apologize for this. Most of the time, i've been preparing for my thesis (i now have a clean, tidy desk in my room. Believe it or not). The rest of the time, i've been making molotov bombs with Fred. Using powdered sugar and polish soup powder. There's something about polish cuisine that has always fascinated me. Yesterday i half-jokingly asked Fred if, by using the same principle, it would be possible to make somebody's soup explode. He gave no answer.
Nordic taster session last night, got rather tipsy, for free! Actually, at the end of the night i bought a glass of wine. So my entire tipsiness could ultimately be accounted for in only 1€. Cool.
The taster session was ok, good food, lots of sweets, would have wanted to taste the Sausage Soup, but it was too close to the Gluhwein, and i kept getting attracted into the latter's orbit. Also because Fred was serving it, under the mysterious sign saying "Benelux".

Not much else to talk about. Oh, college hasn't paid me since september. Which in a way is cool, because they can't piss me off for being around the residences after curfew.

And here's another link to that great Jim Hill Media Site.