Sunday, November 16, 2003

Feeling a bit down. Can't find my Bluebeaters CD anymore, will have to buy it back(it was a copy, anyway), i noticed it's been republished in a 2-pack with their live album, seems to be a worthy low-price buy.
I would check how much money i have in the bank, but i'm afraid the machine will steal my card. Or repossess me.
Eventually ate the two kinder-surprises i had hidden in a secret place of my room, they say chocolate cheers you up. Hope it works. The surprises weren't bad. A frog and a jigsaw puzzle.
I'm also seeing if browsing for stuff i can't buy on amazon will help cheer me up. The link to my wishlist i put here yesterday is more for my own use(i don't want-nor expect!-any reader of this blog to buy me stuff. I'm already surprised they read this, it's enough for me), so in mid-december when my mother asks me what i want for christmas i can just say "wait, i'll send you the link."
The link to the wish-list, of course. Not to the blog. Noooooooooooooo, not to the blog.

"The Russians taught us to drink vodka, but they never taught us when to stop"
-Kazakh Proverb.