Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I'm alive.

Yep, I'm alive.
Too many things to tell.
Had fun.
Took train.
Studied[made up] my lecture for the following morning while everybody else partied.
Caught up partying when everybody was already drunk.
Got to Rome.
Started guided tour.
Wasn't bad.
Showed Matta mural in Piazza di Spagna metro station.
Tourists stopped to listen.
Got to Giggi's place.
Watched Tron DVD extras.
Fell asleep.
Woke up, apologized, felt guilty because it was interesting.
Went to bed.
Woke up, showered(finally).
Got to meeting point 10 mins late.
2nd day as guide wasn't as good, but still ok. Discovered some nice places.
Planned to meet people in termini, cellphone broke down, fell into despair for 15 minutes, called from payphone to cancel all appointments and apologize, started to worry about having to buy a new cellphone tomorrow.
Cellphone came back to life, cursed.
Met five beautiful music scholars on the way to Campo Dei Fiori. Had a drink and enjoyable chat with them.
Wrote a small message to a friend.
Got to Campo dei Fiori, joined Giggi, Mumble and others for a flashmob-planifying meeting.
Much fun was had.
Went home.
Met Ramesse.
Checked mail. Now blogging while Ram and JJ discuss programming behind me.

Sorry, no pope tomorrow. Maybe i could weasel myself in, but can't be bothered.

I guess that's it.

Met Giovanni, Valentina, Michele, Fabrizio, Filippo, Michele, luciano in different moments, will see them all again in the next few days.
Got mail from Micheleloi saying he's in Rome. Still wondering what to do about it.

Yap, that's it.
Rome's cool. Free day tomorrow, time to wag the bancomat card around some music and comic shops.

Cheers to all.
Anybody in Rome? Contact me.