Friday, December 03, 2004

banned books

The Online Computer Library Center lists the 110 most popular books that have been banned from one time to another.

It's nice to know that:
-Number of banned books i own, which are in this room while i type: 16
-Of which aren't really mine but My Father's: 3
-Number of authors in the list of whom i once sat at an opposite table outside a venice bar(and who have the most amazing hair i've ever seen): 1
-Number of books from the aforementioned 16 that i regularly pull out and consult: 3
-Number of books that made me freak out when i discovered a copy had somehow weaseled itself into my room: 1, the Bible.

At least it's a valuable edition printed in paris in 1884, which gives me a good excuse to avoid all physical contact with it. And not to learn french for the time being. Wouldn't like any of those holiness germs to trickle down on my poor, defenceless person.