Friday, December 03, 2004


Addendum to the previous post:
After the movie and before the concerts, the organization offers a special-priced meal at the Hotel bologna(which is where all of this stuff is taking place). Aforesaid special price consists of approx. 10-12€, which is more than what i'm paying to get there. And that's why i just plan to go out and buy some food from the street, or catch a couple of pidgeons and roast them in front of the hotel entrance.
Reflections on this topic reminded me of what was my most zappa-related meal ever: in Cuzco(Peru) i once had the amazement of finding in my same plate Corazòn Asado(Stewed Beefheart) and Palta Reina(Guacamole Queen).
I know, this information is completely useless and self-indulgent. But if it's not the kind of information you want, then stop reading other people's blogs and go read a book or something.


Some people.