Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Leaving for Rome

This may be the last post of 2004 but after all, who can tell?
(so i haven't posted much in december: too busy studying the first week, too busy living afterwards)
so i'm still busy but
(goes to burn some cds)
i still have time for
(packs suitcase)
some blogging. Hey, did i mention i'm spending the new year in rome?
(chats for half an hour on irc)
leaving tomorrow morning, train to modena where i'll see the action painting exposition and then meet Pelodia. After that, i have no idea what we're going to do. Latest updates say we'll be eating extremely greasy fried objects, which is fine by me.
(goes to download some vinyl remixes on elioelestorietese.it)
The following morning we leave from Pelo's hometown, Rolo, and should be reaching rome in the early afternoon. Giggi should be waiting for us there with his arms wide open.

Um, gotta go make tomorrow's lunch. So i'll cut this short. I'll probably manage to update from where i'll be staying. If i can be bothered to, of course.