Thursday, December 23, 2004

If you will only download one mp3 this year, let it be this one

And i don't mean the one i've uploaded and am sharing at the end of this post, i mean track 5 of the songs available at this link.
Recorded live in Laigueglia on the 28th of june, 1998, this song features

Elio e le Storie Tese - percfest '98 lineup:
-Feiez (Vocals)
-Rocco Tanica (acoustic piano)
-Cesareo (electric guitar)
-Faso (Bass)
-Christian Meyer (Drums)
-Elio (Flute)

I Quattro Dell'Oca Selvaggia
-Dado Sezzi
-Marco Fadda
-Massimo Carrano
-Carlo Martinelli
all on percussions,

performing Caetano Veloso's Desde Que O Samba é Samba

For all those who aren't familiar with the original tune, i have decided to upload the version played live in Perugia by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, for the july '94 edition of Umbria Jazz - here (160kps mp3, 6.25Mb).

This post, just like almost everything i do, is dedicated to the memory of Paolo "Feiez" Panigada, 12/7/62 - 23/12/1998.