Thursday, December 16, 2004

On the phone

(or: Bas Estemeide)

phone: Ring! Ring!

Foreign number. I immediately think it's some relatives calling from chile. Or my parents calling from mexico or guatemala or wherever it is they're hanging out these days.

me: Pronto?
phone: (silence)
phone: (more silence, lots of background static)
me: Alò, quien habla?
phone: Hello?
me: Hello, who is speaking?
phone: Alò, quien habla?
phone: pronto? Chi parla?
me: Look, first decide which language to speak then talk.
phone: (silence)
me: English?
phone: ok
me: who's speaking?

And so on. And so on.
Eventually hung up.

ета штука никгда не будет равотать.