Friday, December 03, 2004

Monster roads, french musicians, secret links and baloney trios

Or rather: what i'll be doing tomorrow.
Taking a break from his current studying schedule, the webmaster will travel to Mestre, where several interesting events will be, er, event-ing.
First of all, the one which involves me directly: Monster Road, a documentary dealing with the life and work of claymation pioneer Bruce Bickford will recieve its first ever italian screening, featuring subtitles partially translated by yours truly. So now that i can see the words in context i'll finally find out if what i translated made any sense.

After dinner, which in my case will probably be a slice of pizza at the stall down the road, the first of two musical numbers will take the stage of Hotel Bologna: Baloney Trio, which is actually three(or four?) members of Ossi Duri performing...lounge versions of Zappa tunes? This i gotta hear.
And at ten o'clock it'll be time for PierreJean Gaucher and Christophe Godin to perform their celebrated set of Zappa and related tunes, arranged for two classical guitars.

After that i'll have to rush along to avoid my train turning back into a pumpkin.
Of course my presence at all of this stuff completely depends on my bicycle not breaking down on me on the way to the train station, tomorrow afternoon.

Event organized by Debra Kadabra - Italian Frank Zappa Appreciation Society Or Something.
All info c/o Musica Continua.

And now, a couple of interesting websites:
Pierre Boulez commenting Stravinsky, Webern, Schoenberg, Zappa and Boulez.
Rogerio Duprat reminiscing on his groundbreaking arrangements on historical Tropicalia albums - and on his encounter with a young Frank Zappa, at Kagel and Stockhausen's Summer Music Courses in Darmstadt, 1962!
There, i just found the hidden link between Zappa and the Tropicalia Movement. I'm so proud.

(I've always found it hard to find information about Zappa being in West Germany in 1962, actually reading about it from an eyewitness, and such an important one too, really made my day. Ok, that and finally finishing my next exam's textbook.)