Sunday, January 09, 2005

Grown Man Battles Natural Forces

"Our one concession to overt showmanship is the placement of Earl Dumier in the front row of the woodwind section, making it possible for the first time to view a grown man with a mod hair cut, struggling against the forces of nature to extract accurate intonation from an amplified Eb Contrabass Sarrusophone."

Mr. Zappa's presentation of his 1972 Grand Wazoo tour makes for a great read, even to those not usually accustomed to his music. His prose, on the other hand, was always clever, accessible and humorous.

Then, if you're interested, you can listen to whatever it was that he was going on about thanks to Gilles' Friday Boot: The Grand Wazoo Orchestra live in Berlin Deutschlandhalle, Sept. 15, 1972 (only available for about a week).

(as always, special thanks to Barry!)