Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Another Genesis

I've never been too concerned about the question of divinity, probably because my parents carefully omitted any mention of it during the early stages of bringing me up. Later, when i went to school, i would always be asked if i thought there was somebody above us. I would usually answer quoting Woody Allen's The Sleeper, which by then i already knew by heart:

Yes, but unfortunately it's the government

Just another example of why teachers thought i gave them problems: i got my theological opinions from early Woody Allen movies. But i digress.
Once religion classes at school stopped being compulsory, i just considered the whole thing Somebody Else's Problem and lived accordingly, never questioning myself about the eventual presence of Somebody Higher Up or Above Us all. After all, what difference would it have made?
This distance actually helped me become fascinated in other people's religions, considered as part of their culture. Back in high school, i was always reading about hebrew traditions. My eternal fascination towards anything islamic came slightly later, and still goes on to the extent that if i was someday forced at gunpoint to choose a religion, i would go for Sufite Muslim. It would at least give me time to escape while they look it up.

But anyway, the whole spiritual part of the matter always evaded me totally. I can't say i never acknowledged the presence of somebody "up there", i just never really cared.
Until today.
Starting today, i accept the presence of a superior being. For proof has been placed before my eyes. No, scratch that. Before my ears i mean.
I now declare that i believe in Somebody Powerful Above Us. And the power of this someone is the choice of music on supermarket loudspeakers. Nothing more, nothing less.
Therefore, i shall from now on refer to whoever puts the songs on while i'm shopping as "God".
Sometimes it's a vindicative god, like in the old testament, who curses you with a best of eighties mix while you choose your frozen lasagne. Other times it's an unpredictable one as in precolombian lore, giving you sixties classics or Celia Cruz. Celia Cruz while shopping: God has a sense of humor.

Today, i was lucky. I got the gentle, caring god which for some reason hardly ever shows up in the Good Books. For i was in great distress while searching for the ideal bag of chips, and He bestowed upon me Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin, followed by Genesis by Jorma Kaukonen(!), followed by the Beatles' The Fool On The Hill.
Followed by some announcements regarding who should go to which cash checkout, but i don't really consider that as part of the Holy Gospel.

So anyway, sometimes the right song comes on at the right moment, and in that moment you know you can only thank the supernatural force of He, Who Chooses The Music At Supermarkets. Praise be to He.

I would have uploaded the song again for everybody to enjoy once more, but i can't seem to connect to my ftp server. So i hope you already downloaded it the first time around, and can listen to it and feel as good as i did when it came on.