Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pesce e Patate

It seems that every year in the first weeks of august the small italian town of Barga(LU) in Tuscany holds the Sagra Del Pesce E Patate, which we may loosely translate as the Fish and Chips Festival.

Apparently, tuscan expatriates from Glasgow, or their descendants, come down in that time of the year especially to fry fish - an occupation that keeps them busy all year, back in Scotland. And they drink wine*, dance the Liscio and play Morra.

It is actually illegal to play this game in Italy due to the number of murders that take place during the game due to raised tempers but it is a tradition hard to stamp out here in the mountains.

It's imperative that i pop by next time this goes on if i happen to be in italy then, although my current plans lie a couple of continents to the left, down.
Anybody want to join me in this?

And speaking of fry-ups, this event was brought to my attention by the essential eggbaconchipsandbeans blog, making my mouth water since 2004. Also helped me choose the place where i'll have my Holy Fry-Up Breakfast next time i go to london.

*Fish & Chips with wine? Mon Dieu.