Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Captain Beefheart!

The 15th of January is Captain Beefheart's 64th Birthday! Which means it's Earth Day, for as everybody knows, Earth Day's date was chosen especially to fall on the Good Captain's anniversary of birth*! So if it's Earth Day, it means it's everybody's birthday! So Congratulations!
Here come the presents.
No, cake will not be served. Suit yourselves.

In utterly sparse order:

For Churra, here's Claudine Longet - Nothing To Lose(The Party version) (128kps 2.52Mb mp3). Since it's one of her favourite movies too, here's the original version of the Henry Mancini song performed by the elusive french actress and overlooked extremely professional singer. Not available on the official soundtrack. With Peter Sellers providing sound effects.

For Pelo, George Duke - Love (160kps 6.85Mb mp3), from the 1974 album Feel, this track features a certain Mr. Obdewl'X on guitar, an obvious(?) alias for that Frank Zappa guy.

To Gnapppo, he of the slow internet connection, something appropriately odd: Frank Zappa & Linda Ronstadt - Remington Electric Razor Commercial (128kps 0.86Mb mp3), a commercial back from the times when this kind of thing was allowed in commercials. Like Van Dyke Parks' Datsun commercial(128kps 0.93Mb mp3).
(further info on the razor commercial, and the correct spelling of "ronstadt", here)

To JJFlash, Richard Cheese - Star Wars Cantina (128kps 2.80Mb mp3). No explanation needed here.

Somebody else who will appreciate that last song is Mitko, who gets this little music file which has been nesting on my hard drive (and in my playlists) for a couple of months already: Stewie Griffin - My Fat Baby(Loves To Eat) (192kps 0.99Mb mp3).

Pino gets lucky this time around: Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum (192kps 6.31Mb mp3), further proof that the greatest musical instrument of them all is the human voice. I once played him this on the way to Gorizia, and promised to make him a copy. Which i of course forgot to do. So this is me making up for it.

What else? I had some nice beatles acoustic demos for Helen (whom i keep forgetting to ask if i can link to her blog), but i don't know how to convert them from .shn to mp3. But i'll probably have them up about this time next week.

There's another track i'd uploaded but forgot who it was for. So i'll just link to it anyway. The Incredible E.G.O'Reilly - The Birth Of Maudie (128kps 2.78Mb mp3), a pseudonym of Terence Trent D'arby, recorded and released in conjunction with the Neither Fish Nor Flesh album, his masterpiece (and one of my all-time favourites).

And finally, the next song isn't for somebody i know. It's for whoever will enter my life in the future. And, if possible, stay there. Francoise Hardy Avec Iggy Pop - I'll Be Seeing You (128kps 3.76Mb mp3). Allow me to be sentimental for once, it's Beefheart's Birthday after all.

That's all. And more than enough, if you ask me.
I've double-checked all the links, but if anything doesn't download right go ahead and complain. And i'll call you ungrateful little bastards.

*not true