Sunday, January 23, 2005

oh, and speaking of war...

Was in Trieste this afternoon buying tickets to next sunday's Grandmothers concert.
On the way out, i couldn't help but overhear this snippet of conversation coming from two old ladies walking in front of me:

"I assure you, back when Iraq was called Babylon, things were much better!"
(translated from triestino*)

My first thought was: several thousand rastafarians would probably disagree.

(And about that grannies concert: notice how the organizer's site differs in content from the venue's, mainly by promising such luxuries as reduced prices and Bunk Gardner. The former revealed itself inconsistent at the ticket counter, let's hope the latter doesn't do the same on stage.)

*original text: "Te digo, quando che l'ìraq se ciamava babilonia, iera tuto sai meio!"