Saturday, October 11, 2003

About Trees.

Trees are interesting people sometimes. There was a bird convention in Duino today, something like a hundred of them on a tree in the nursery's yard. Every now and then they would all move to another tree, and after a while some smaller groups would move to collateral trees, probably to discuss other topics. Then somebody clapped, and they all flew away together to another tree in another field, which they had probably designated beforehand as the Emergency Tree.
As you can probably tell, i stood watching at them for something like half an hour. Maybe it was all just an elaborate prank on absent-minded humans.
Anyway, to somehow attempt to understand what they felt like, i resolved to go to Carso, find a friendly-looking tree, climb it and then play the harmonica for a while. But on Rilke Path most trees are wimps. i looked for a climbable tree, but they all had their lower branches cut off. They probably saw me coming. Blur's latest album has a song about trees. This is quite odd because it's an album full of melancholy ballads on love and loss and political insecurity, so a little rock song about trees sounds unlikely. But it's a nice song nonetheless. But the trees i saw today wouldn't deserve it.

On the stereo: Frank Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti