Sunday, October 05, 2003

This is very representative of how i'm feeling these days. Once again Bruno's life runs parallel to mine. So much for originality.

Had a quite good weekend, although i'm still trying to understand some parts of it. And no, i didn't get too drunk this time. i remember everything, i just don't understand it.

Anyway, just finished several clumps of photocopies. And also just realized i forgot the ultra-mega-special booklet stapler in the teacher's office, which was not very clever considering the normal stapler dissappeared(yet again) this weekend. Left a very polite note on the noticeboard asking for it back. on A3 paper, with a large red marker. Kindness gets you everywhere.

So i'm going back to that ugly place. So much for spending the rest of the day at home. The only thing i ever come home for these days is sleeping.

Oh! Oh! Pixel Communism Shirt! i want one!!!!