Friday, October 03, 2003

new song by sananda!

So i haven't updated anything personal recently. So interesting things have been happening to me, i was just too busy to update. Mainly, i've been studying. Yes, really. In the library, even. Ironic, isn't it, that i finally manage to study so well in a place i actually had to escape from some years back.
Other things. I believe that Sketches For Urban Intervention I is officially over. My next step will be doing the official thing in trieste and udine in the near future, and in the meantime experimenting Sketches For Urban Intervention II here in duino. Duino's great because it gives me immediate opinions, comments and criticisms. Until now, opinions and comments have been positive, and criticisms have been put to rest every time i've clarified the legality of it all. Well, semi-legality, but that's what art is all about.
Bought some good books/comics recently. Part four of Persepolis finally came out in italy, i immediately grabbed a copy. I also got a copy of Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, which you can read more about here and here. And i can't stop recommending Panini Comics' reprint of Ken Parker, a masterpiece i've only recently started to rediscover.
The Alan Moore tribute book actually made me understand something important. Performance art is nothing but clumsy magic. If you're not careful with it, you'll get in trouble. I mean, look at what happened(to quote a previous item) to John Lennon when he started the whole "Paul Is Dead" thing. Nonetheless, i think i'm ready for it. After much reflection, i've realized what the one thing in life i'm actually really good at is, and decided that that's the road to follow. The one thing i'm actually good at is this: Getting Away With It.

And that brings me back to writing about real life. I'm studying quite hard(for my standards) for my exam on the 23rd of october, i actually got over most of the program(and 2 days ago i finally finished Hobsbawm's The Age Ogf Extremes!). I'm making the most of Duino, after all if i'm stuck here for a year i might as well take advantage of what it has to offer. So rock room, art center and pottery center are either conquered or with little red and blue flags on the map(emilio fede style). And of course the teacher's office is mine after midnight. Xerox machines are useful, very useful.
Finally, i've solved most problems with the person who had been giving me problems in the past month or so. Much less stress, and spending good times between one four-hour-study marathon and the other. And furthermore, fred and i currently have 37 litres of beer stashed away somewhere. There's a long weekend going on, we couldn't be caught unprepared. Of course it must be said that if i go around with him too long, i start feeling like Beavis&Butthead. We almost blew up Pala today, at lunchtime. Or actually, it was worse: we almost blew up the shit-tanks behind pala today. That was close.

Enough. I hope that'll keep people from calling or writing me for another few days, this has been happening to me kind of often recently*. Oh, for a world where everybody blogs, so nobody would need to go out or talk to each other anymore.

Oh! oh! check out Eelst live in Rome!

(*took me 1h 25mins to find that strip)