Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I can't say this message on Sananda Maitreya(a.k.a. Terence Trent D'arby)'s messageboard didn't shock me. I had to read it twice to believe it actually said what it says.

On 10/17/2003, Mike wrote:

What kind of world do we live in when there is no or little Sananda played on American radio??! I have been hep to Sananda since he first came out when I too was stationed in Germany Back in the Late 80's. I have been spreading his music ever since!! I am currently station in Iraq due to this useless war. I have Neither fish with me and Have been allowing the Iraqi interpeters listen and they want more!! Who doesn't once they listen to the best artist alive today!! I also bought the movie the FAN because I caught at the end of the movie TTD singing while the credits where playing!! Does anyone know if Sananda smokes cigarettes?
[at] themail.com

I won't comment on this. But it's good to see that the people stationed in Iraq show more brains than their leaders in admitting that 1)the war's useless and that 2)yes, there actually still is a war going on.

Whatever. There's some new content over on sananda's site. Anyone interested ought to check it out. But that's usually just me.

(have i really dealt with nerdy '80s music and contemporary geopolitics all in one post? Whew. I guess i'm starting to understand why some people think this blog is written by more than one person.)