Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Two questions have surfaced recently when this weblog has been mentioned in conversation.

1. "Couldn't you write more about the college?"

Answer: Hey, i have my own life too. But anyway, i'll make an effort to write a little more about what's going on, within the limits of what won't *really* get me in trouble if too many people read this page. And if i haven't been informing you guys about what goes on around here recently, it's because i've spent most of the past weeks locked up in the library. No, really. If i could have seen myself writing this a couple of years ago, i would've grabbed a time machine and showed up this moment only to punch myself in the face.
Ok, didn't happen.
We're safe.

2. "How do i leave comments to your posts?" (or, as one of you out there asked, "how do i write on your blog?")

Answer: Well, now you can! actually, i'm posting this only to announce that, thanks to the fine folks at haloscan, anybody can comment, scorn or insult my posts! So go for it!
Seems like i'm finally getting the hang of this blogging business. Cool.
(PS: angelo, scusami ma oggi proprio non ce la facevo. Incombevano fotocopie ed esami.)