Friday, October 10, 2003

Getting ready for the concert...
Everything in its right place:
-Fave nametag
-empty tapes
-E.L.I.O. Cd-R for a guy i met last time
-Feiez's egg-shaker
-Large, coloured chalk
-Appropriate headwear
-Appropriate Shirt
-Trousers that go with that shirt
-Tie that doesn't go with that shirt
-Extra T-shirt, just in case
-Multi-purpose brown mexican pullover(holds mike, holds place, attracts attention of people who know me)
-Money, sweet sweet money to buy sour, sour drinks with

Uh, i think that's it. Oh! socks!

Ok, i'm off.

I just realized that this year i've seen this band six times. Ony once i've had to pay. Life is indeed good.